[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] mswindres: Use '-' instead of '/' for rc.exe options

Ziemowit Laski zlaski at ziemas.net
Mon Feb 13 07:17:53 EET 2023

> Not at all - it's entirely a technical thing. MSYS, which is a fork of
> cygwin, is an environment to provide a full POSIX (i.e. unix) environment
> on top of Windows, which involves a lot of trickery to make system calls
> like fork() work on top of a OS that doesn't provide that.

But that's exactly what Cygwin provides, no?  I was also under the impression
That one could not ship cygwin1.dll without Red Hat's blessing.

FWIW, Windows now has RtlCloneUserProcess() functionality, so implementations
of fork() can be much simpler.  They also added pseudo-console support a few
years back.  Progress! 😊


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