[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH v14 9/9] avcodec/evc: Changes in Changelog and MAINTAINERS files

Dawid Kozinski/Multimedia (PLT) /SRPOL/Staff Engineer/Samsung Electronics d.kozinski at samsung.com
Tue Feb 14 14:10:09 EET 2023

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Feb 13, 2023, 10:29 by d.kozinski at samsung.com:

> Lynne, if it concerns us, we will comply with both the current and the 
> new maintainership policy once your patchset is pushed. We see that 
> your change has not yet been pushed into the main branch, and it 
> appears that the discussion on this topic may still be ongoing, 
> although both Michael and other maintainers have reviewed and commented on

What do you mean both current and new policy?

Lynne, you mentioned a new policy change on maintainership in one of the
previous emails:
"I assign myself to personally review the patchset and push it, if you
review my policy change on maintainership. As I said, I have no objection on
who gets maintainership, just that it is done explicitly via a separate list
in the maintainers file."

New Policy
Your proposal is for a separate list of developers who have write access to
the GIT repository [new policy]

Current Policy
Currently, the MAINTAINERS file has one list of developers who may or may
not have write access. The MAINTAINERS file currently contains one list of
developers who may or may not have write access to the GIT.

Unfortunately, there are significant discrepancies regarding who should be
on this list and what rights they should have:

Some ffmpeg maintainers argue that those on the list may not necessarily
have write access but may qualify for access to publish changes. Being on
this list gives them the right to reject (negative acknowledgement - NAK) a
set of changes related to the module they are responsible for and (ideally)
requires their approval before making any changes to the module.

Others, like Lynne, believe that the list should only exist for those who
have write access ("... that list is only for those with push access"). Only
developers who have contributed to the project and understand that
maintaining a repository requires a certain level of dedication should be
included on the list.

There are also those who believe that developers who care about a piece of
code should have write access if they ask for it. Each developer who takes
care of a bit of the code base (reviewing patches, approving them, fixing
issues, adding features, ...) has the same rights as others.

At the moment, it doesn't matter to us whether there are two lists or one.
What matters to us is pushing our patchset containing an EVC codec wrapper
to ffmpeg. We want to refine and maintain this code and have the information
somewhere about who is responsible for it (EVC) and who to contact with
questions. We hope that our patchset will eventually be accepted, and we
will then apply for write access to Git because we want to take care of the
EVC code.

We would like to separate these 2 topics, the mainteiners list and the EVC
At this point our patch seems to be in line with the current policy.
If anyone has any comments regarding a particular MAINTENANCE file related
to our patchset, please make comments.
Our EVC patch does not change MAINTENANCE policy.

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