[FFmpeg-devel] FFmpeg 6.0

Reto Kromer lists at reto.ch
Tue Feb 21 14:31:57 EET 2023

Gijs Peskens wrote:

>> Here are some previously suggested names:
>> Darwin, De broglie, Desitter, Galois, Gauss, Heaviside,
>> Jacobi, Maxwell, Mellin, Perelman, Poincaré, Ramanujan,
>> Sagan, Viterbi, Voltaire, Von Neumann
>Assuming with Desitter the Dutch mathematician 
>(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willem_de_Sitter) is intended
>the correct name would be "de Sitter"

There is another Dutch gentleman I would like to suggest:
Dijkstra. He was very influential for today's IT, but is little

Best regards from Reto

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