[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] lavc/aarch64: new optimization for 8-bit hevc_pel_uni_w_pixels, qpel_uni_w_h, qpel_uni_w_v, qpel_uni_w_hv and qpel_h

Martin Storsjö martin at martin.st
Thu Jun 1 14:23:28 EEST 2023

On Sun, 28 May 2023, Logan.Lyu wrote:

> 在 2023/5/28 12:36, Jean-Baptiste Kempf 写道:
>> Hello,
>> The last interaction still has the wrong name in patchset.
> Thanks for reminding.  I modified the correct name in git.

Thanks, most of the issues in the patch seem to have been fixed - however 
there's one big breakage here. Also even if this is accepted, we'll have 
to wait for the dependency patches to be merged before these can go in 

For restoring the saved registers on the stack, you currently have this:

         ldp             x19, x30, [sp]
         ldp             x26, x27, [sp, #16]
         ldp             x24, x25, [sp, #32]
         ldp             x22, x23, [sp, #48]
         ldp             x20, x21, [sp, #64]
         add             sp, sp, #80

You can avoid the extra add at the end by reordering them like this:

         ldp             x26, x27, [sp, #16]
         ldp             x24, x25, [sp, #32]
         ldp             x22, x23, [sp, #48]
         ldp             x20, x21, [sp, #64]
         ldp             x19, x30, [sp], #80

But the order/layout of the registers doesn't match how they are backed 
up. So when you run checkasm, you'll get these errors:

  - hevc_pel.qpel                   [OK]
    put_hevc_qpel_uni_w_hv4_8_i8mm (failed to preserve register)
    put_hevc_qpel_uni_w_hv8_8_i8mm (failed to preserve register)
    put_hevc_qpel_uni_w_hv16_8_i8mm (failed to preserve register)
    put_hevc_qpel_uni_w_hv32_8_i8mm (failed to preserve register)
    put_hevc_qpel_uni_w_hv64_8_i8mm (failed to preserve register)
  - hevc_pel.qpel_uni_w             [FAILED]
checkasm: 5 of 1136 tests have failed

It's easiest to make the epilogue a mirror copy of the prologue.

Please rerun checkasm on as system that does support i8mm when posting 
updated patches.

// Martin

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