[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 0/5] add sdr support

Michael Niedermayer michael at niedermayer.cc
Sat Jun 17 01:20:43 EEST 2023

This patchset adds some basic SDR support to FFmpeg
ATM, this supports AM demodulation, i will add FM later
I have no immedeate plans to add DAB, DVB, ...
but these should be added too and would be very welcome 
if someone else wants to work on them.
The only dependancy this has is libsoapy which is a small
lightweight library to interface to basically all SDR hardware
In fact its not even needing libsoapy in principle if you have 
raw sdr data with a basic header in a file.
Iam posting this with just AM support as i have a bit of a
dislike for having patches in my local git for longer than needed.

This allows listening to AM radio stations, air traffic control
and anything else using AM with any player supporting libavformat
You can also demodulate and record all AM stations at the same time
if your sdr hw has the bandwidth.

ATM all the processing is done in the main thread, for me on my older
notebook its still usb bandwidth and sdr hw that hits the wall first.
But its easy to multithread. Most of the computation should be in the FFT
All stuff later processes only a subset of the data and does thus not matter
that much anymore. Its also possible to implement the demodulation with no FFT.
But this way it was kind of interresting as everything can be done
from teh FFT spectrum, vissualization, searching radio stations, and


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