[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH v2] avformat: add Software Defined Radio support

Tomas Härdin git at haerdin.se
Thu Jun 29 01:15:26 EEST 2023

sön 2023-06-25 klockan 00:19 +0200 skrev Nicolas George:
> I am especially annoyed by the “it's too hard” naysayers — the same I
> have been getting when I say that I want to write a XML suited to our
> needs to replace our use of libxml.

This is very revealing. The reason why XML parsing shouldn't be
implemented in FFmpeg isn't just because it is difficult but because:

* it is out of scope
* it is technical debt
* shitty parsing is the cause of the vast majority of CVEs

It speaks of an inability to make sane architectural decisions, of not
seperating concerns and of preferring cowboy coding over sane decisions
with respect to the entire free software ecosystem.

> But the whole attitude who wants FFmpeg to be a Serious OpenSource TM
> Project, who needs to make releases and worry above all about ABI
> stability

Are you implying that API and ABI stability are not important?


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