[FFmpeg-devel] [ANNOUNCE] upcoming vote: extra members for GA

Michael Niedermayer michael at niedermayer.cc
Thu Nov 9 13:55:25 EET 2023

On Thu, Nov 09, 2023 at 10:44:12AM +0100, Anton Khirnov wrote:
> As nobody expressed a preference, the vote will start next Monday
> (2023-11-13). It should run for a week, and will be followed by TC/CC
> elections.
> The only extra GA candidate I see proposed so far is Ronald. If anyone
> wants to suggest further people, please do so in this thread ASAP.

IMHO the question of the relation of the list of people who could vote
in the last GA vote and the people who where in the general assembly
in 2020 should be awnsered before further votes.

If the current GA stays as it is, then i propose the following people
(this list was quickly made and certainly has omisions and possibly errors,
check anything thats important to you!)

The presumed 2020 General assembly as well as people who have subtantial
contributions over the lifetime of the project where the source of this list

Fabrice Bellard    (Founder of the project over 600 commits in FFmpeg)
Aman Karmani       (17 authored commits in 2020-2023, recently active in 2023-June and work all over the codebase)
Baptiste Coudurier (Pays for our fate server since forever, maintains 15 things in MAINTAINERs, is the the copyright of 56 files, over 1900 commits in FFmpeg)
Moritz Barsnick    (Member of the 2020 GA but was not on jbs list)
Lauri Kasanen      (Linux / PowerPC maintainer)
Dale Curtis        (14 commits in 2020 was in the 2020-GA)
Alexander Strasser (Root admin, just recently reported that he could not vote even though he was in teh 2020-GA, 3 things in MAINTAINERs)
foo86              (maintainer and author of dca*, dolby_e*, dtsdec, s337m)
Huiwen Ren         (8 matches in the codebase of his name, avs2* and related things maintainer)
Martin Vignali     (over 200 commits in FFmpeg, left in 2019 because of hostility)
Lou Logan          (over 100 commits in FFmpeg, left in 2020, also in the 2020-GA but not on jbs list)
Matthieu Bouron    (over 200 commits in FFmpeg, recently active in 2022, 5 entries in MAINTAINERs, 25 in copyrights)
Ruiling Song       (vf_tonemap_opencl maintainer, added SIMD code to various bits of code, last active in git in 2020)
John Stebbins      (over 100 commits in FFmpeg, last active in git in 2020, 1 copyright match)
Ting Fu            (last active in April 2023, 24 commits in 2021-2023, )
Tobias Rapp        (vf_readvitc mainatiner, last commit in Jul 2023, 88 commits in FFmpeg)
Shiyou Yin         (MIPS & LoongArch maintainer, 24 matches for his name in the source, last commit May 2023)
Reimar Döffinger   (over 1400 commits in FFmpeg, root admin and last commit in Oct 2023, 49 matches for his name in the codebase)
Aurelien Jacobs    (over 1000 commits in FFmpeg, 13 entries in MAINTAINERs, 70 copyright line matches)
Hendrik Leppkes    (over 900 commits in FFmpeg, 2 entries in MAINTAINERs, 4 copyrights, last commit in Jul 2023)
Vitor Sessak       (over 900 commits in FFmpeg, 28 copyright matches)
Kostya Shishkov    (over 900 commits in FFmpeg, 162 copyright matches)
Ramiro Polla       (over 600 commits in FFmpeg, 5 matches in MAINTAINERs, 22 copyright matches)
Alex Converse      (over 500 commits in FFmpeg, 32 copyright matches)
Janne Grunau       (over 500 commits in FFmpeg, 24 copyright matches)
Andreas Cadhalpun  (over 400 commits in FFmpeg, 2 copyright matches)


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