[FFmpeg-soc] EAC3 status

Justin Ruggles justinruggles at bellsouth.net
Sun Sep 9 19:21:28 CEST 2007

Well, I finally got a bite.  Someone on Hydrogenaudio has access to 
Dolby's professional E-AC3 encoder and offered to generate whatever 
samples I need.  That still doesn't mean that Dolby implemented 
everything, but it's definitely good news.  I'll keep you posted.  If 
you have any ideas of some settings you'd like to see used just let me 
know.  I should be getting a screenshot of the encoder interface showing 
the available options sometime soon.

Bartlomiej Wolowiec wrote:
> Hi, 
> currently eac3 code decodes correctly all available samples, unfortunately 
> some extensions are lacking:
> -enhanced coupling and spectral extension (no samples)
> -pre-noise (I'll try to understand the documentation on this subject)
> -more than 5.1 channels (no samples)

Unfortunately, even Dolby's encoder only does 5.1 right now.

> -AHT tested only on mono samples - I hope that it works correctly
> -correct maping channels in multi-channel sound

If everything goes well, we'll be able to get multi-channel files using AHT.

> I hope, that in the following weeks the eac3 decoder code can be added to 
> ffmpeg. In addition to this, if you can give me any clues, what should I 
> change in my code, I will be grateful. I'd like to thank mentor, people who 
> checked the code on ffmpeg-soc and everyone who tested the code and sent me 
> not working samples.

I'm looking forward to this as well.  I'll go through and do another 
review since you have already implemented most, if not all, of the 
changes I suggested in my last review.  This time I'll post it to the 
list so others can comment as well.  What I'm not sure about is whether 
the final proposal should be posted as a patch to FFmpeg-devel when it's 


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