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#380: Mistake in ffmpeg's docs for yadif
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 == Docs describe the values for yadif's parity parameter the other way
 around. ==

 '''ffmpeg version''': N-31706-g335bbe4
 I've checked main git branch and docs are still like in the version I've

 == Test file ==

 Attached test file: dv-bff.avi
 This is a short sample of video captured from JVC camcorder through
 IEEE1394 with the help of Windows Import Video on Windows Vista. This is
 DV video and it must be interlaced with bottom-field-first (BFF) field
 order as stated in many places, e.g here

 == How to test for error: ==

 apply yadif with BFF (according to ffmpeg's yadif docs), field separation
 and doubling the framerate:

 ffmpeg -i dv-bff.avi -vf yadif=1:0 -r 50 output.avi

 You will get a jagged video, although by applying yadif=1:1 (which,
 according to the docs, is top-field-first) you get a smooth playback.

 == Reasoning ==

 I have tripple-checked the parity with other tools. GSpot video analysis
 software reports it to be BFF. If you play tricks similar to the one above
 with !VirtualDub and mplayer, the results also point that the video is
 BFF. In fact, applying the same yadif parameters in mplayer and ffmpeg
 results in the same behaviour, athough according to their respective docs
 the meaning of parity values 0 or 1 is exactly opposite. The auto parity
 recognition of ffmpeg works fine though - video encoded with yadif=1:-1
 plays smoothly.

 I have also checked this with DVD interlaced source, which, according to
 must be top-field-first. The result is similar to DV case - Gspot reports
 TFF, mplayer's yadif plays it nice with TFF, but ffmpeg's yadif plays it
 nice with BFF as per docs.

 As summary I strongly suspect the mistake in ffmeg's docs for yadif filter
 - there the explanations of meanings for the field parity parameter should
 be swapped. I made a corresponding patch to filters.texi file and attached
 it here.

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