[FFmpeg-trac] #385(undetermined:open): Freeze during x264 transcoding

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Tue Aug 9 11:34:30 CEST 2011

#385: Freeze during x264 transcoding
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Comment (by kef):

 >> Does it only freeze if the input is H264, or also for other video
 Yes this is the only format I find which freeze ffmpeg like this. I try
 with other wirecast export like vp6 or mov, but they didn't fail at

 >> When did it break?
 I find when the problem appear. In previous version of wirecast 3.X,
 baseline was the default h264 profil, but since few time with the new
 version 4.X, Main profile is the default value. If I try the same process
 than before and just change the profile to Baseline, there is absolutely
 no problem and the MP4 transcode well.

 >> Does latest FFmpeg git fail with an earlier version of x264?
 Yes, I try with a x264 snapshot of december and I get the same problem.

 >> Does latest x264 fail with an earlier version of FFmpeg?
 Yes, I try with an ffmpeg 0.6.1 and I get the same problem.

 I'm looking to get a backtrace later because I don't have the debug binary
 on this server.

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