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#386: Missing audio and subtitle streams in vob file
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Comment (by Aztek):

 Hi there,

 It's alright: you can close this ticket if you are not interested in DVD
 format handling.

 `mplayer` did the trick by correctly extracting the video stream (parts of
 X11, DBUS and stuff are installed though on a headless server now...

 My guess is that the menu was actually embedded in some VOB files (in
 '''this''' particular DVD in contrast with most of DVDs I deal with): when
 I played the VOB file I created with `mplayer`, a menu was displayed which
 shouldn't be.

 That's a shame `ffmpeg` can't handle DVD ISOs or "fat" VOB files: I do not
 know of any almost non fancy dependence-free software  that can handle DVD
 streams and extract them correctly.
 Unfortunately, I'm far from being good enough to write something to
 'really' solve my problem. So, sorry for just complaining.

 Thanks for all and keep up the good work: even with this problem, I did
 not regret the switch to `ffmpeg`.

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