[FFmpeg-trac] #410(undetermined:new): Gwenview crashing with Ffmpeg 0.7.3

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Tue Aug 23 01:03:49 CEST 2011

#410: Gwenview crashing with Ffmpeg 0.7.3
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Comment (by Wonko):

 I had truncated the file to the minimum size that still gives the error in
 order to save bandwidth, so yes, it is unplayable now. But the problem is
 not with playing such a file, it's Gwenview crashing when it tries to get
 the modification time. Actually, it's Strigi calling
 FFMPEGEndAnalyzer::analyze(), and then the crash happens in Ffmpeg's
 av_open_input_stream(). Might also be a problem of Strigi, but as it does
 not show with an older Ffmpeg version, I reported here.
 Another problem is when the mouse is over such a file in Dolphin, and it
 tries to give me a popup showing a  thumbnail and other information. I get
 a crash in kfilemetadatareader, but the KDE crash handler does not show
 any backtrace at all.
 I'm a Gentoo user running KDE 4.7.0 on amd64, I don't know if this error
 would happen with another KDE version. I hope someone of you can reproduce
 this. I re-compiled ffmpeg with debug information, but I don't see much of
 a difference - I thought I would get the exact line number in
 av_open_input_stream(). I'll attach this backlog anyway, it's from
 Gwenview, showing a directory with only the sample file I provided, after
 I set it to display the file's date.

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