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#729: "Option loop not found."
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 * status:  new => closed
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 Generally, regarding bug reports (mostly unrelated to the issue in
 If it is not needed for a report, please do not use external libraries
 like libx264, libfaac or libaacplus in the command line given to reproduce
 the problem. (Of course only if the problem is reproducible without using
 the external library.)
 Please use network input and output only if you want to report a network
 issue, most issues should be reported only using the file (or the pipe)
 And finally (and most difficult): Please try to use either the media
 file(s) that comes with FFmpeg (tests/lena.pnm) as input, or a file that
 is produced by make fate, or a file that is part of the fate test suite.
 This is of course not always possible!

 The -loop input option (exactly as -loop_input) only works for input of
 format -f image2. While -loop_input is (was) silently accepted even for
 input media that is not of format image2 (but did not work), -loop
 correctly fails if the input format does not support -loop.

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