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#729: "Option loop not found."
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Comment (by burek):

 Generally, you should try to minimize requests for additional user's
 actions, after a bug report has been made, otherwise you'll end up in a
 situation that nobody cares anymore to report a bug, because of all the
 'prerequisites'. Also, most of the bug reports should be considered merely
 as hints to where the developers should take a look to make sure there is
 or is no bug present. I know the developers always lack free time to spend
 on bug reports, but guess what, we (users) also lack time and will to
 report bugs, because it's much easier to use another tool for the same
 task, which ultimately leaves FFmpeg project on the loosing side.

 I personally wouldn't like the FFmpeg project to end up like VLC project,
 where various people have put a lot of effort to report bugs (with full
 output logs) which never even got a decent reply from the developers and
 in some cases replies were so offending and humiliated so that other
 users, reading those kind of posts, simply dropped their intention to
 participate in such community, which, again, makes the project itself
 suffer the most.

 I understand your recommendations and I'll take them into account for my
 next bug reports, but you should at least update the FFmpeg bug reporting
 guidelines, to reflect what have you just said otherwise it will make no
 sense to repeat yourself each and every time somebody files a new bug

 And finally (and most important), you shouldn't discard bug reports that
 easily, because they do reflect something odd in FFmpeg's behavior. In
 this particular case the correct behavior would be to change the FFmpeg's
 warning/error message to say "The -loop input option (exactly as
 -loop_input) only works for input of format -f image2. While -loop_input
 is (was) silently accepted even for input media that is not of format
 image2...", because otherwise the message really looks silly and
 completely useless, adding to that the documentation says absolutely
 nothing about it.


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