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#156: Full HD Material from Canon 5D treated as 1920x1088
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Comment (by yellow):

 As far as I've tested Quicktime crops bottom 8.

 Although Canon 5D MKII appears to have 8 rows of black this is not the
 case for the other cameras in the range which are also 1088 h264 AVC in a
 mov container, they actually have 8 rows of image data. Easy to see
 comparison of a QT decoded 1088 frame and a ffmpeg decoded frame overlaid
 in Gimp for example will show QT crops 8 off, ffmpeg gives full 1088 lines
 of usable image data, no so called black padding not surprising since
 there is more than enough data coming off the 18MP camera sensor, even
 line skipped without the need to add black padding. ;-) Why the 5D does
 black is odd.

 What does appear suspect with the Canon movs is that ffmpeg treats them as
 yuvj420 not yuv420 so when transcoding to say lossless huffyuv the full
 range luma levels in the original camera file are squeezed into 16 - 235
 unless the movs are first remuxed to something like mkv.

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