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#747: Enable AMV encoding for audio
             Reporter:  shimmy       |                     Type:  task
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 The [http://wiki.multimedia.cx/index.php?title=AMV amv] format is made for
 chinese s1mp3 hardware players, and is now part of the latest version of
 FFmpeg (0.9 - Harmony).

 However, its underlying audio is adpcm_ima_amv, and this is unsupported by

 When I call {{{ffmpeg -codecs}}}, it contains the line {{{ D A D
 adpcm_ima_amv   ADPCM IMA AMV}}}, which means Decoding supported, Audio
 codec, Direct rendering, but it doesn't contain E which stands for

 I found the [http://code.google.com/p/amv-codec-tools/w/list amv-codec-
 tools] project, which supports this audio format automatically.

 I think it would be easy to merge the outdated ''adpcm_ima_amv'' encoder
 from the amv-codec-tools into FFmpeg.

 To be noted, compiling amv-codec-tools with the new FFmpeg version doesn't
 work, even I disable the ''amv'' and the ''adpcm_ima_amv''
 encoders/decoders, I get this error:

 [NULL @ 039a7860] Requested output format 'amv' is not a suitable output
 sample.amv: Invalid argument

 Which is the same error that occurs when trying to use FFmpeg 0.9 for the
 AMV format - an issue that should be reported separately.

 This issue is very urgent to me and I consider promoting a developer that
 will make it work.

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