[FFmpeg-trac] #749(avformat:new): Apple HTTP Live Streaming segfault

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Wed Dec 14 17:14:30 CET 2011

#749: Apple HTTP Live Streaming segfault
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 Regarding applehttp.c:
 If av_probe_input_buffer() fails in applehttp_read_header(), the code
 jumps to fail, which invokes free_variant_list() which in turn invokes
 avformat_close_input(), which can cause a segmentation fault if its
 AVInputFormat has not yet been intialized.

 av_probe_input_buffer() can fail when the playlist contains URLs which the
 underlying TCP code can't connect to. av_probe_input_buffer uses avio_read
 which invokes
 read_data->open_input->ffurl_open->ffurl_connect->url_open2-> ...

 So, if you have a playlist such the one below:

 If is not available, ffplay f.e. segfaults.

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