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#797: rtmp live streaming (input) to ffmpeg indefintely loops waiting on input
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 When you try to take input from a live rtmp source, ffmpeg and ffplay
 either don't connect or take an extraordinary amount of time to begin
 processing data (1-10 minutes, or never).

 command line example is:
 ffplay -i "rtmp://localhost/oflaDemo/mywebcam live=1"

 This has been tested against red5 flv server, R4305  It has also been
 previously reported as a feature request (erroneously reported, and
 erroneously close ) in ticket


   I have also added several notes and reopened that ticket as well towards
 this problem.  Additionally I can make available a RED5 server in a public
 DNS to test against to see the problem easily, please email me at brian
 dot quandt @ gmail dot com

 Other notes,
 1) rtmp streaming of non-live content, ie
 ffplay "rtmp://localhost/oflaDemo/avatar.flv" work just great!

 2) there is a minor bug in librtmp in sending FCPublish requests to the
 RED5 server, RED5 apparantly does not support this method, but it does not
 prevent live connections from working, ie rtmpdump -v -r
 "rtmp://localhost/oflaDemo/mywebcam" -o sav.flv does create a file without
 any delay

 3) this rtmpdump method works
     a.  rtmpdump -v -r rtmp://localhost/oflaDemo/mywebcam -o sav.flv
     b.  control C (a) and then "cat sav.flv | ffplay -i - "

 4) this rtmpdump method does not work (ie piped directly)
  rtmpdump -v -r rtmp://localhost/oflaDemo/mywebcam | ffplay -i -
 Or at least (4) most of the time does not work, occassionally after many
 minutes it does start to work.

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