[FFmpeg-trac] #797(undetermined:new): rtmp live streaming (input) to ffmpeg indefintely loops waiting on input

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Tue Dec 20 01:13:43 CET 2011

#797: rtmp live streaming (input) to ffmpeg indefintely loops waiting on input
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Comment (by quandt):

 Full details are copied in reopened "feature" bug report


 But I'm including the text here as well per your note.

 I don't necessarily think it is a regression because things seem to work
 fine against other streaming servers and I suspect noone ever tested
 against live content from RED5.  But of course have tested stored content
 from it, and other servers.

 so command line is
 ffmpeg -i "rtmp://localhost/oflaDemo/mywebcam live=1" out.flv  or
 rtmpdump -v -r rtmp://localhost/oflaDemo/mywebcam" | ffmpeg -i - out.flv

 Again, I do have a public server up and running right this instant to test
 against, just have to ask me to start it up ( brian dot quandt @ gmail dot
 com ) .  Steps to reproduce are:

 1) browse to red5 server

 2) connect to rtmp server (change localhost to red5servip)
 3) click on video tab, select your webcam, accept flash security prompt
 4) click on publish button to make stream available to others (name it
 something you remember like webcam)
 5) go to a terminal window and try
     5a) rtmpdump -v -r rtmp://red5servip/oflaDemo/webcam -o out.flv  (this
     5b) ffplay -i "rtmp://red5servip/oflaDemo/webcam live=1" this hangs
 for a long time and maybe will start working after man minutes

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