[FFmpeg-trac] #138(avformat:reopened): add support for rtmp live stream

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Tue Dec 20 10:15:25 CET 2011

#138: add support for rtmp live stream
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                 Type:  enhancement  |                   Status:  reopened
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Comment (by quandt):

 Yup, I think I know what is the problem, don't know the exact fix ... yet,
 but do know how to hack it to make it work.

 approx line#2404
 for(;;)   //infinite for loop, which keeps running until it knows it has
 figured things out.

 hack was to put a break at the bottom of the for, under the assumption
 that it knew what it wanted to know, but just didn't know it
 knew...OBVIOUSLY THIS IS A HACK, it's late at night and why the probe
 functionality can't determine what the stream is to it's satisfaction I
 don't know (the decoder called knows how to figure it, so the probe
 functionality did at least a good enough job to get the right codec).
 More digging, then again, maybe those who actually know this code will
 have a real quick fix versus my hack of a fix (ie I think I'm pointing
 pretty close the real problem here, hopefully someone else will look).

 In all these tests I was streaming to RED5 using ffmpeg (ie output) and
 streaming from RED5 into ffplay to test, ie
 process 1)  ffmpeg -re -i somesutiableflvfile.flv -vcodec copy -an
 "rtmp://localhost/oflaDemo/mylivestream live=1"

 process 2) ffplay -i "rtmp://localhost/oflaDemo/mylivestream"

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