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#266: ARM: "size of array is negative" in mpegvideo_arm.c
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 You reported a problem (here, on the FFmpeg bug tracker) that the
 compilation of mpegvideo_arm.c fails.
 From a later report I conclude that this problem was fixed (the line "CC
 libavcodec/arm/mpegvideo_arm.o" is not followed by problems, but you can
 type "make libavcodec/arm/mpegvideo_arm.o" to make sure).

 It seems that now, the compilation of libavcodec/arm/simple_idct_armv5te.S

 I can assure you we want to support the iPhone SDK, but that probably will
 also need a bit of your time.

 Could you test with latest FFmpeg git HEAD, confirm that compilation of
 mpegvideo_arm.c succeeds and compilation of simple_idct_armv5te.S fails?
 (You could also try "touch libavcodec/arm/simple_idct_armv5te.o && make"
 to find out if compilation fails for any other files.)

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