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Thu Jul 14 23:29:52 CEST 2011

#349: MingW32 Cross Compile of FFMPEG Fails
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 I have a MingW32 cross toolchain for Win32 that used to work to cross-
 compile the GIT Head Through at least 20110621. I am not sure when it
 broke. The HOST is an OSX 10.6 and the target is MingW32. I am following
 the instructions to cross-compile for MingW32 under Linux and have been
 able to use this technique in the past to cross-compile for MingW32 under
 both Linux and MacOS.

 I checked out the GIT HEAD today and found that now the build is calling
 LIB.EXE in cross-compile mode for instance:

 lib.exe /machine:i386 /def:libavcodec/avcodec-53.def

 I think this is a Microsoft Windows Application that is part of MSVC++. Is
 the intent now for cross-compiling for Windows to be dependent on LIB.EXE?

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