[FFmpeg-trac] #273(avcodec:new): h264 video decoding aborts due to too low number of "slices"

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Wed Jun 8 23:01:52 CEST 2011

#273: h264 video decoding aborts due to too low number of "slices"
 Reporter:  gerhard_s              |        Type:  defect
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Component:  avcodec                |     Version:  unspecified
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 I'm using h264 video codec for VoIP between linphone (on my machine,
 openSUSE 11.4, x86_64, using ffmpeg git dated on 20110604 and libx264-115)
 and Bria 3.2 (on Windows 7) on the other end.

 I had the problem that after a few seconds the call terminated issuing
 the message "Too many slices, increase MAX_SLICES and recompile".

 I patched h264.h by increasing MAX_SLICES from 16 to 32 and now it works
 fine again.

 I think MAX_SLICES is currently too low, should be increased to at least
 I don't know if Bria would send even more slices if the bandwidth was even
 bigger or video resolution was bigger. Is there a limit given by the codec
 for a reasonable upper threshold?

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