[FFmpeg-trac] #283(FFmpeg:new): dvd-pal target does not force correct colorspace (with DVCPRO50)

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Thu Jun 16 14:36:20 CEST 2011

#283: dvd-pal target does not force correct colorspace (with DVCPRO50)
  Reporter:  tbart       |      Owner:  michael
      Type:  defect      |     Status:  new
  Priority:  normal      |  Component:  FFmpeg
   Version:  git         |   Keywords:  colorspace subsampling dvd 4:2:0
Blocked By:              |  yuv420p 4:2:2 yuv422p dvcpro50
Reproduced:  1           |   Blocking:
                         |   Analyzed:  1
 When encoding DVCPRO50 material (or most likely any material having non-
 dvd-conformant chroma subsampling) to a dvd as in

 ffmpeg -i dvcpro50_sample.avi -target pal-dvd -b $vbrate -minrate $vbrate
 -maxrate $vbrate -acodec ac3 -ab $abrate -flags ilme+ildct -threads 2

 the resulting vob has a yuv422p colorspace.
 Authoring with dvdauthor and playing the file on a standalone player
 results in a colorful puzzle instead of the correct picture.
 No errors whatsoever in the authoring process or when viewed with mplayer,
 vlc, etc..
 I guess
 -pix_fmt yuv420p
 should be forced with the meta parameter -target <whatever>-dvd

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