[FFmpeg-trac] #273(avcodec:open): h264 video decoding aborts due to too low number of "slices"

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Sun Jun 19 00:45:56 CEST 2011

#273: h264 video decoding aborts due to too low number of "slices"
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Comment (by karol):

 I'm new here, so please cut me some slack. Sorry if I'm reporting it in
 the wrong place.

 I'm using another system, 32-bit Arch Linux, and I got the same message
 "Too many slices, increase MAX_SLICES and recompile". when trying to watch
 some videos with mplayer2. This only happens with a couple of videos from
 the same source e.g. http://blip.tv/day9tv/ogs-mc-p-vs-sen-z-g1-dreamhack-

 I got horrible artifacts and A/V desync / slo-mo video. A quick websearch
 returned this page so I increased the MAX_SLICES from 16 to 32 - as the OP
 suggested. This allowed me to actually watch the video - it wasn't slow,
 but the artifacts were still there if I e.g. fast-forwarded 10 seconds I
 had to wait a couple seconds until the window with the video finished
 "redrawing" (it looked like you would wipe the artifacts clean from left
 to right) and my terminal was still flooded with the same messages.

 I then increased MAX_SLICES from 32 to 64 and I get no more "Too many
 slices" messages, but the artifacts still appear if I fast forward /
 backward the video.

 Should I open a separate bug report?

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