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#614: mpegts issue on localhost
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Comment (by burek):

 Well, I didn't try just recording to .ts file for that long, more rational
 way was to stream to an udp port because that way I could duplicate the
 data and watch it, while it is being saved to a file.

 Anyway, for the absf, I don't remember now where exactly did I pick up
 that option (was it in ffmpeg channel or google), I just know that without
 it, when I play the udp stream in VLC, then the audio is a lot more
 quirky, skipping up/down-sampling and stuff... And since there is no
 official documentation on that filter (
 http://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg.html#aac_005fadtstoasc ), I didn't have chance to
 read about its real intended usage, so it might be the reason of the async

 Can You give me one working example (default or something) of using mpegts
 (h264+aac) over udp, just to test it, because I've tried so many different
 combinations and variations I can't even remember now and none of them
 gave the smooth and clean playback without async (I'm talking about
 100/100 LAN network). What could be the simplest way to start such a

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