[FFmpeg-trac] #570(undetermined:new): Video flipped with inverted colors in flash after transcode

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Mon Nov 14 14:23:32 CET 2011

#570: Video flipped with inverted colors in flash after transcode
             Reporter:  brama        |                    Owner:  michael
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              Version:  git-master   |  undetermined
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Comment (by brama):

 I have tested with Flash 10.0, 10.1 and 10.3. They all exhibit the same
 problem. Pretty much everyone with Flash installed has one of these
 versions. So in practice this would mean that, for affected videos, we'd
 serve broken videos to all of those until they've upgraded to a version in
 which Adobe has applied a fix. That will take a pretty long time and is
 therefore not a practical solution.

 It seems very obvious that the behavior can be influenced within ffmpeg
 itself, and all commits that change the behavior that I mentioned above
 are related to the aspect ratio. It would therefore be very beneficial if
 we can trick this down and figure out a fix that will work with the
 install base of Flash.

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