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#615: ALSA buffer xrun
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Comment (by reimar):

 Replying to [comment:9 burek]:
 > I'm also starting to believe it might be an ALSA bug actually. Because,
 every time I try to capture video from my usb webcam and audio (either
 from webcam or pci sound card), these errors are kinda normal thing to

 Did you try capturing audio and video at the same time bug from different
 FFmpeg processes?
 I would have guessed that due to the overhead of video processing FFmpeg
 might not get data often enough from the audio device.
 Even if that is not the case, clocks and thus timestamps for audio and
 video running apart might cause FFmpeg to read audio data not often
 For both cases creating a separate thread that can buffer far more data
 than ALSA on its own (similar to what is done in libavformat/udp.c) should

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