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Mon Jul 2 03:39:26 CEST 2012

#1504: Split an input video into multiple output video chunks
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 So far, people can use -ss and -t to cut the video chunk out of the input
 video. But if they want to cut the video to multiple output chunks, they
 would have to start ffmpeg several times (probably in a batch script),
 changing -ss value (and maybe even -t too), which complicates things a
 little bit, since ffmpeg has to skip same starting interval of the input
 over and over again.

 Because of this, it might be usable to somehow change/add this feature
 that will allow users to specify cut points and get the multiple outputs,
 just like image2 does, numbering each output sequentially.

 An example usage might be something like this:

 ffmpeg -i input.avi -ss2 10,20,40,50,90,120,180 -vcodec copy

 This would instruct ffmpeg to produce several outputs, each of them
 generated based on cut points (defined in seconds).

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