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#1376: avfilter crash
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Comment (by tadawson):

 Understood. I have been working a different problem with ffmpeg on 1464
 which had required that to get a stable build at all, and hence my
 commentary to that effect here.  That has been resolved, so it won't be
 used moving forward.  Note that my last test with the 10.2 tree was with
 the exact compile options used by the submitter of this ticket. I believe
 that the command used in test was the exact one in the ticket, with the
 "-cpuflags -sse2", although when testing with ffmpeg 0.10.3 (the closest I
 have to the ticket), I was getting an error that that was not a valid
 flag, hence it was omitted in that test case. Note my comment in the test
 output of the GIT head - with or without the --disable-asm, I get the same
 result, so I did not post the test output for the test without --disable-

 I do have an older system here with an actual Athlon-XP in it . . . If I
 find some time, I'll spin it up and test on the exact same architecture.

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