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#1532: Additional column in "ffmpeg -codecs"
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 It might be useful to indicate which encoders are able to produce the
 lossless output. In several occasions users were doing:

 ffmpeg -codecs | grep -i lossless

 to get the list of encoders that support this kind of output. This way not
 all encoders would be displayed (for example, libx264), so that's the
 reason for this feature suggestion.

 Simply, a new column would be added in the "-codecs" output, that would
 indicate that the encoder can produce the lossless output.

 The output would look something like this:

  D...... = Decoding supported
  .E..... = Encoding supported
  ..V.... = Video codec
  ..A.... = Audio codec
  ..S.... = Subtitle codec
  ...S... = Supports draw_horiz_band
  ....D.. = Supports direct rendering method 1
  .....T. = Supports weird frame truncation
  ......L = Supports lossless output

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