[FFmpeg-trac] #437(undetermined:open): ffplay seems to "darken" certain inputs (ex: bgr24)

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Tue Mar 13 19:36:46 CET 2012

#437: ffplay seems to "darken" certain inputs (ex: bgr24)
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Comment (by reimar):

 IMHO I think this is a "wontfix".
 What is going on is that SDL only supports YUV. It also assumes that YUV
 is the limited TV-range one.
 When converting from full-range RGB that results in wrong colors.
 It also results in wrong colors for HD content I think.
 You might be able to configure your graphics card to display video as
 full-range content, which should avoid this.
 You can see a similar (though looks weaker to me) effect if you compare
 mplayer  mf://mostly_white.bmp -loop 0 -vo gl
 mplayer  -vf format=yv12 mf://mostly_white.bmp -loop 0 -vo gl
 (the first should display the RGB as it is, the second one will convert to
 YUV as ffplay does, though with some differences in the details - if -vo
 gl does not work for you, -vo direct3d should show the same behaviour).

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