[FFmpeg-trac] #1079(undetermined:closed): Crop Keep_Aspect option not working

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Sun Mar 18 00:24:15 CET 2012

#1079: Crop Keep_Aspect option not working
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Comment (by ramitbhalla):

 Okay in that I think ffmpeg has a bug. If you look at hte output above:

 1. If setsar is put anywhere BUT the end it fails to change the sar
 (notice the invalid PAR and SAR value does not match the input SAR despite
 the setsar and scale)

 2. If the setsar is put AT the end it succeeds. The SAR is changed to
 match the input SAR and the video conversion succeeds.

 3. If I omit setsar and leave scale it still fails to change the SAR and
 the conversion fails.

 Either the documentation needs to be updated or there is a bug in there.
 Did I read that right?

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