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#1065: H.264/AVC(BDAV BluRay codec family) incorrect framerate recognition
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Comment (by L.H.V.F.):


 In my home, I have only '''CRT''' televisions, with '''common DVD
 players''', and so is impossible to play Videos (for example, videos in
 general, CFR, converted for DVD with some program), that are out of
 standards. An common '''DVD-Video''', for example, are in the''' NTSC
 standard''' ('''''The recommended standard a frame rate of 30 frames
 (images) per second''''' -- see [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NTSC], and
 what I can conclude, if the ffplay is indicated a incorrect handles of the
 framerate, the result will also wrong. An free program, it I can certify
 that uses '''FFmpeg''', is
 '''SUPER'''([http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html]), , and it have an
 above limit recognition, and I can with it conclude also that the output
 DVD with this lib could be wrong.

 Other program that I could quote, is an freeware, is the '''Free Studio
 Manager''' ([http://www.dvdvideosoft.com/free-dvd-video-software.htm]),
 and I have tested, knowing that this has an framerate recognition above of
 the '''CRT/NTSC''' frame limit, as I have saw, of the framerate supported,
 because it was captured in my '''set-top-box''', and in my '''CRT
 television''', I can play it fine, and converting with '''Free Studio
 Manager''', this being above of the '''NTSC standard''''' limit'', the
 result is an very slow film reprodution ('''about 60 fps'''), what not
 occurs, with the same video, with another program ('''freeware'''), the
 '''Freemake Video Converter''', this last with the exact '''29,970 fps'''
 recognition, the output converted for DVD, also deinterlaced, plays fine
 in my CRT television in the same DVD player.

 For this I suspect, if the '''FFmpeg lib''' recognizes (for example with
 '''ffplay''') above of the standard limit '''CRT/NTSC''', and also
 different than MediaInfo informs, the result will be an slow playback
 video in my domestic common home '''DVD Player'''. If this possible bug
 exists, this is replicated for all programs based with this '''lib''', all
 could be wrong in the output. I would like suggestions, or indicate a
 possible solution.

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