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#1120: CopyTB is not working a documented - asking for a number
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 Replying to [comment:8 ramitbhalla]:
 > cehoyos any thoughts on this?
 > this is the most important feature of the entire program being able to
 standardize the videos' into a single format before processing.
 > I hate to use other crappy tools, FFMPEG is a great tool and I'd love to
 see this basic functionailty restored.
 > Can it be done please? (it to work beautifully in the past) - I'd hate
 to revert to an old version, everything is built around FFMPEG's new
 format and commands.

 -copytb syntax was changed in commit
 6e96ad8215a6950b4d303e784ca35860ba765478, now it is tri-state.
 The equivalent of the old option -copytb is -copytb 1 (or any positive

 Sending a patch for updating docs.

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