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#1735: Problems with quicktime reference clips
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Comment (by bastibeckr):

 Hi, thanks for your fast response.

 I will find out if I can create a clip that contains references to
 relative paths.

 test_two.mov is reported by ffmpeg to be missing. But with other players I
 can play the clip - it fails in ffmpeg.

 if I create a sequence that contains only  test_two.mov or one part of it,
 it will work.

 e.g. my sequence looks like:

 [test_two.mov] => works
 [test_two.mov|test_two.mov] => doesn't work
 [test_two.mov|test_one.mov] => doesn't work

 (the source clips may be truncated, but the result must only consist of
 one clip (no cuts)):

 [first-part-of-test_two.mov]  => works
 [first-part-of-test_two.mov|second-part-of-test_two.mov] => won't work

 There are no gaps between the cuts, it's comparable to a "playlist".
 Again, will seems to be valid quicktime because other players don't
 complain and play the file without any problem.

 thanks again, i will try to match your requirements (no ext. libraries,
 etc) and provide feedback with full output when i'm done.

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