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Thu Apr 4 14:59:08 CEST 2013

#2432: generate/draw timecode from image number
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 It is often need to burn timecode and other data to proxy/dailies (mainly
 h264 mov), converted from DPX/EXR/whatever sequence, numbered by

 But timecode currently could be added manually only via
 It could be good when will exists some option like "timecode="sf", so
 timecode could be generated from image sequence startnumber. It could help
 alot if batch converting alot of sequences with adding TC/framenum

 Or/Also from embedded TC in DPX.
 Also could be good if it will be added formatting string for "frame_num"
 variable (like %05d or so).
 Also could be good to have absolute framenumber variable from image
 sequence, and sequence/image name variable.

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