[FFmpeg-trac] #2437(trac:new): Emphasize "Register" link/button on trac page

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Sat Apr 6 06:13:54 CEST 2013

#2437: Emphasize "Register" link/button on trac page
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 The trac's start page does not contain the visible "register" link at the
 position where it would be expected, near the "Login" link.

 I've seen there is a "workaround" link to a registration page, located
 inside the text of the page, but that is not so convenient imho, since
 most users, who land on the start page and want to create a bug report
 (assuming they don't have an account already) would need to register for
 an account first, and, naturally, they will look at the part of the screen
 holding menu items, like "Login" and such. Further more if they don't find
 the link there, most of them would try going to the "Login" link, to see
 if there are well known and expected links "Forgot your password" and
 "You're not registered? Register here". With all that in mind, the
 "Register" link exists on the "Login" page, but is located at far right
 and, imho, should be moved to the far left, just below the login form,
 where it would be expected to be located.

 This should be a trivial change, but would improve user experience with
 this trac system, for basic stuff, like registering an account.

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