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Tue Apr 9 23:39:56 CEST 2013

#2431: Detect if subtitle streams do not contain valid utf-8
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Comment (by Nick):

 The subtitles character encoding conversion works now correctly with the
 bug fix of the "''last char''" problem. I tested the last Windows build of
 FFmpeg and "'''-sub_charenc'''" works now as expected! (without the UTF-8
 auto detection!)

 Windows build version tested:

 == Short summary for other users: ==

 If you want to import a plaintext subtitle file including special
 characters with ffmpeg/avcodec, then...
 - ffmpeg/avcodec must be built with "'''--enable-iconv'''"
 - option "'''-sub_charenc [''code page'']'''" is needed to enable the
 subtitles character encoding conversion for subtitle source files
 - libavcodec version should be at least libavcodec 55.2.100 of 8th April
 2013 or newer

 (e.g. import of Windows ANSI *.srt/*.ass/*.ssa subtitle files with German,
 French or other special characters)

 '''Command line examples'''

 Import a subtitle file (copy video/audio streams, without re-encoding):
 ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -sub_charenc ISO8859-1 -i subtitle.srt -map 0:v -map
 0:a -c copy -map 1 -c:s:0 mov_text -metadata:s:s:0 language=ger output.mp4

 ffmpeg -i input.mkv -sub_charenc ISO-8859-1 -i subtitle.srt -map 0:v -map
 0:a -c copy -map 1 -c:s:0 srt -metadata:s:s:0 language=fre output.mkv


 Import subtitle and re-encode video/audio streams:
 ffmpeg -i input.avi -sub_charenc CP1252 -i subtitle.srt -vcodec h264
 -acodec ac3 -scodec ass -metadata:s:s:0 language=ita output2.mkv

 ffmpeg -i input.mov -sub_charenc WINDOWS-1252 -i subtitle.srt -vcodec
 mpeg4 -acodec mp3 -scodec mov_text -metadata:s:s:0 language=spa


 (''code page'' parameters for option '''-sub_charenc''' see

 Additional notice:
 Different Philips stand-alone Blue-Ray players and Samsung TV's can read
 "'''SRT'''" subtitle streams in "'''mkv'''" files.

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