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#2382: Support for Rec. 2020
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Comment (by _theman):

 The Rec.2020 standard defines new RGB<-->YUV matrix coefficients,
 RGB<-->R'G'B' transfer coefficients, and primaries. Support for these need
 to be implemented in SWScale to enable conversion between the Rec.2020
 standard and the previous Rec.601 and Rec.709 standards. Additionally,
 Rec.2020 uses a 10-bit working precision (64-940 range) for the data

 The important operations that need to be supported are:
 - 10-bit end-to-end operation for transcoding and filtering.
 - Color conversion (CMS) from Rec.2020 to sRGB/Rec.709 gamut. This implies
 support for:
 - * Gamut and gamma conversion through color management (CMS).
 - * New RGB/YUV matrices for RGB-->YUV conversion.

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