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#2463: ffspeak
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 I've been thinking a lot about the ways how to use ff* tools to achieve a
 simple audio/video conference scenario and I've come to a conclusion that
 ffmpeg has already got most of the things needed so why not try to
 implement such a feature which might boost the popularity of (and
 hopefully donations/contributions to) the ffmpeg project.

 Regarding the basic scenario for such a feature, consider the attached
 diagram. Client side is imho already present in the ff* code base, through
 ffmpeg (capturing) and ffplay (playback), so the client-side part of this
 system might simply be just a wrapper/script around these 2 tools, with
 proper command line parameters or something similar.

 The server part could be an ffserver-based thing or even more simplified
 new tool, which would only use predefined vcodec/acodec (which developers
 find the most suitable for this scenario), without too much complications.
 The server's purpose would be to only buffer/rebroadcast the received

 It would be (imho) a very popular innovation in ffmpeg family of tools,
 which would bring a lot of attention to ffmpeg project, since there is no
 company today, which doesn't use some form of conference communication.

 I know this is not a 2-day work, but I think that the cause might be worth
 the effort.

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