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#2515: Erroneous file output when muxing
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 I have a set of files that are identical in MediaInfo except for bitrate.
 I'm trying to mux them to MPEG-TS using the following command:

 ffmpeg -i input.mkv -c:a copy -v:a copy -vbsf h264_mp4toannexb -f mpegts

 The strange thing is that one file in the set is coming out differently to
 the others, causing it to be incompatible with devices over DLNA (tested
 on a PS3 and a Panasonic TV).
 MediaInfo doesn't report any difference between the output files, either,
 except for bitrate.

 Windows Explorer reads them differently, though; the file that does work
 is read by Windows to have the correct resolution but incorrect duration
 (1920x1080 and 18 hours long) and the one that does not work is reported
 by Windows to have the incorrect resolution but correct duration (720x480
 and 10 seconds).
 Windows is horrible at reading file info but the fact that it sees the two
 files very differently shows that there is a difference between them.
 Windows does not show any difference between the input files; it correctly
 detects their duration and resolution.

 I have uploaded 10 second samples of 2 of the files after verifying that
 the bug is reproducible via the samples.
 Produces erroneous file:
 Produces normal file: http://www.spirton.com/uploads/FFmpeg/20130430-2.mkv

 I have tried several versions of FFmpeg, from the latest from Git master
 to versions several years old, with the same result each time.

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