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#3187: Please add SFD muxing
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 I am part of a fan project which attempts to fix the broken localization
 of the Ar tonelico 2 game. The official Western localization was sloppy
 and introduced game breaking bugs, which even made the game hang up on a
 boss encounter. Those are things our project is attempting to fix.

 Part of it involves adding translations to the videos in form of subtitles
 (the game includes both the English and the Japanese voice tracks). There
 is a tool floating around the net which allows to mux m1v+adx, but none
 which would allow muxing m1v+adx+ac3 into sfd.

 Having fixed almost everything except for the 5.1 opening sequence (which
 was left completely untranslated in the Western versions), I'd really
 appreciate if FFMPEG added sfd muxing functionality.

 The patch will require people to have already have a copy of the game as
 it will be distributed as .xdelta for the iso only.

 There are other games which use cri's adx/sofdec package, so it wouldn't
 only be for this single game, but for us, this is the main reason at the
 moment. (On another note, thanks for fixing the demuxing bug so fast)

 I can provide samples if needed.

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