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Wed Dec 11 11:58:23 CET 2013

#3218: ffmpeg does not compile with the latest git of x264
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Comment (by mmstick):

 Replying to [comment:18 saste]:
 > Replying to [comment:13 mmstick]:
 > [...]
 > > I repeat, there is NOTHING wrong with my script; now stop acting like
 dumbasses, it's not professional at all. You haven't asked for any
 information at all, but have done much to ignore the issue by shoving it
 off claiming it is a problem with my script.
 > We don't provide assistance for your script, whatever that thing is. We
 fix build failures related to ffmpeg. So it is your problem to provide
 evidence that the ffmpeg build is broken.
 > > If you think there is a problem with my script, then prove me wrong;
 it's that simple.
 > No, you get it backwards.
 > We don't care about your script, that's not our problem. Note that we
 are not claiming that your script is either wrong or correct. You need to
 prove that there is a problem with the ffmpeg build. We already gave
 directions about that, but you're ignoring them.
 > > I have the latest git of x264 installed; If you think I have the wrong
 version somehow, then why do I have libx264.so.140 in my lib directory? If
 you want to continue being dumbasses, then I'll just switch to using
 avconv instead.
 > Talking about professionalism, calling people names, that's clearly a
 good way to get someone to assist you.

 You have not given any directions at all, and you still refuse to do so.
 The only thing you told me was that I have a differing x264 version when
 that is NOT the case. The script I showed you clearly shows that it ALWAYS
 downloads the latest git and compiles/installs it BEFORE it compiles and
 installs ffmpeg. It is NOT possible to have a differing version unless
 ffmpeg does not support the latest git of x264. Therefore, I have already
 proven that there is a problem with the ffmpeg build, but you refuse to
 accept it as a problem.

 You have no right to talk about professionalism when you have displayed
 such a poor attitude. You are deserving of any insults you have been

 Again, there are NO issues with my script or system. I run this script on
 5 different machines weekly, and this week there is a build error. I have
 encoded over 300,000 minutes of video and audio over the last 2 years.

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