[FFmpeg-trac] #3231(documentation:new): Muxing libvorbis audio fails; no sound in the output file

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#3231: Muxing libvorbis audio fails; no sound in the output file
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Comment (by gyunaev):

 Thank you very much for following this up. You are correct, but please
 keep in mind that actual problem reported is that muxing WEBM (libvpx +
 libvorbis) does not work at all with unmodified muxing.c. As of right now
 I'm not sure whether the problem is in muxing.c or in
 libavcodec/libavformat since after spending two days of it I was never
 able to actually mux vpx and vorbis in the container which would play
 audio. No matter what I do it results exactly as what happens if you run
 unmodified ./muxing test.webm

 The modifications below are there to describe why I believe the problem is
 in vorbis codec, and not in Theora coder or Webm container. They're not to
 be applied to the released muxing.c, otherwise I'd posted them into

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