[FFmpeg-trac] #2953(undetermined:new): FFmpeg hangs while conversion video using libx264

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#2953: FFmpeg hangs while conversion video using libx264
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Comment (by gerrysingh7):


 Here is detail of test for command
 $ ffmpeg -f lavfi -i testsrc -vcodec mpeg4 outasp.mp4

 I ran the test, but only once before sending this message, as the test
 took an extremely long time to complete. After 3 hours, the test was still
 running, showing activity in the processes of my task manager. I left it
 running and went to bed. I checked it this morning and it had completed.

 The output text file is massive and from what I can understand, the test
 processed nearly 15 Million frames.

 The mp4 output file from this test was also huge, with a 13.7 GB size.
 This mp4 file was not playable.

 Do these results make any sense? Let me know if you really need a second

 Please lets us know any other test we can run .

 I really appreciate all the help on this .


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