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#2332: Better documenting of boolean options
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 The online documentation http://www.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg.html has description
 for "boolean options" which says:
  ''Options which do not take arguments are boolean options, and set the
 corresponding value to true. They can be set to false by prefixing with
 "no" the option name, for example using "-nofoo" in the command line will
 set to false the boolean option with name "foo".''
 Now, the only problem is that all the boolean options in the documentation
 are not clearly marked as boolean, so the only way to conclude which
 options will support the "-nofoo" pattern is to see which options do not
 take any arguments. But that is also not enough since there are a lot of
 options which don't take any arguments, but are not boolean, like
 -formats, -codecs, -vn, etc.

 The suggestion is to do one of either 2 things:

 1) clearly mark each boolean option as '''boolean''' like:
  '''‘-stats (global, boolean)’'''
  Print encoding progress/statistics. On by default.

 2) couple each boolean option with its "-nofoo" couple, like:
  '''‘-stats, -nostats (global)’'''
  Print encoding progress/statistics. On by default.

 This will help users who get to the docs page and use CTRL+F to just find
 the option they are interested in, without reading the documentation page
 like a book, from the beginning to the end (hence, they usually skip the
 intro part that explains the "-nofoo" logic).

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