[FFmpeg-trac] #2227(undetermined:new): ffmpeg incorrectly identifying mjpeg as video stream instead of attachment

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#2227: ffmpeg incorrectly identifying mjpeg as video stream instead of attachment
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Comment (by cehoyos):

 Replying to [comment:31 dodgexander]:
 > >Which recordings are unsupported?Please remember that this bug tracker
 is only meant for FFmpeg reports (not for third-party programs).
 > Take a look at some of the cases related to .wtv files that ramitbhalla
 has created.

 Most of them were fixed iirc (one is the reason for this "ticket").

 > Around 30% of my mpeg2 and h264 recordings fail copy remuxing with

 This is not unexpected (and not wtv-related) for h264, in any case, these
 are not regressions.

 > Even if I recode h264 to h264, there are problems with the files.

 Could you point me to the ticket?

 > >Could you elaborate? I don't think support for any files was ever
 dropped from FFmpeg.
 > The changes explained in this thread by ramit explain why there is a

 Please understand that -map 0 simply cannot work the way you want it (see
 also #1952): Generally, you have to use specific map options depending on
 the input file (and in this case, it should be trivial to provide them
 with a simple script). I would also expect that in many cases, one video
 and one audio track will already be what the users want.

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