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#2347: Recent builds regression bug  - KO from 12th Feb 2013 - OK before
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Comment (by cehoyos):

 Replying to [comment:6 feelart]:
 > Well it does work with -pix_fmt yuv420p (I don't understand what it

 The playback applications you were testing (except vlc) only implement a
 very small part of the h264 specification. I believe there is no
 application that implements the whole specification, but yuv444p works
 fine with all FFmpeg-based players like MPlayer and vlc.
 FFmpeg tries to loose as little quality as possible (since you did not
 specify anything else on the command line) and the best yuv-based colour-
 space that relates to your input colour space - rgba - would be yuva444p.
 Since x264 does not support encoding transparency, yuv444p is chosen.

 > but rather nasty because no error or warning is raised without it and
 dependent of the player, you might play or not the video

 What kind of warning could be shown?
 If you know that you are going to play your output file on players that
 only support yuv420p, specify that on the command line.

 > {{{
 > but the x264 compilation options have changed
 > }}}

 (note that this was of course only a guess, this is not the Zeranoe-
 support forum, I don't know how the binaries are compiled. If you have
 special needs, like compilation of x264 without support for anything else
 than yuv420p, it is strongly recommended that you compile yourself.)

 > Then it is like recently closed ticket 2284

 Remember that this was not a FFmpeg-related ticket.

 > and I do experience other problems with recent builds & x264, vs builds
 ante 9th Feb 2013.

 Please report all bugs that you experience with FFmpeg, but please
 remember that this is not a support forum, see

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