[FFmpeg-trac] #2358(undetermined:reopened): auto downscale ffplay sdl windows regression

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Thu Mar 14 01:41:13 CET 2013

#2358: auto downscale ffplay sdl windows regression
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Comment (by compn):

 also, viewing a small res video (smaller than my desktop res, say 720x480
 on a 800x600 desktop resolution)
 when i ffplay -fs file.jpg my monitor goes blank like when its changing
 the resolution. then it returns to normal and the jpg is on display in
 windowed mode.

 if i press f again, nothing happens.
 if i press f one more time, ffplay finally displays the small res file

 ffplay out.png
 press f once = rescaled image to 720x480 somehow?
 press f twice = nothing happens, still windowed 720x480 image
 press f three times = full screen properly scaled image

 hope this clears it up ;)

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